Discretionary investigations Service

License # 28980

Witness statements:
Recorded statements that prepare you for deposition and trial at a reduced cost to your clients.
Process service:

When that Defendant or witness is missing or evading service, we will hunt them down and provide incontrovertible proof of service

providing attorneys the leverage

they need to Win for 15 years.

Asset investigations:

As litigation research or for enforcing your judgment, we can help you determine if the case is worth your time, and then provide you the best place and time to strike if necessary.

All other Civil and criminal Case support:

Whether it's pulling records and wading through them or sorting though the garbage for that case breaking evidence you need, we will make every legal effort to ensure that you and your client get the information that's needed.

Private Investigator Jobs Performed by Professional, Compassionate, Discrete Investigators

Sub Rosa investigation:

Surveillance and under cover work that provides that witness with the  crucial evidence or the professional picture worth a thousand words.

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