civil Case support:

Whether you need witnesses found, interviewed and statements taken, process served, assets investigated, or testimony verified, we will uncover the truth and go to any legal length to maintain our reputation as the firm that delivers what seemed impossible. 

STALKING and other boundary violations:

So you have your restraining order, but the police don't seem to be much help... We can get the evidence you need to lock up the person who's threatening or harassing you.


If you suspect that your children are not being cared for appropriately, 

Sometimes you need evidence of what you "feel" to be the truth... 

Whatever your problem. . .

We'll solve it! 323-855-2555


We can help you find that loved one you're concerned about, or the person who did you wrong.

criminal Case support:

Law enforcement has limited resources, and often they can't afford to spend the necessary time on your case, especially for white collar crimes.  Whether it's a case of Identity Theft, Robbery, or even Murder, we may be able to help you in ways the Police are unable to, we will work with your case officer and provide them with enough evidence to inspire the District Attorney to prosecute your case. 

Private Investigator Jobs Performed by Professional, Compassionate, Discrete Investigators.



If you need evidence to confirm what you suspect, we will provide it for you with discretion.

background checks:

Whether it's a new romance or a new room-mate, wouldn't you like to know the bad news before it's too late....?

Discretionary investigations Service

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